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aboveground pool with deck Aboveground pools are an alternative to inground pools for those who want a cost-effective, less permanent installation.  They can also be removed more easily; and some types can be deflated and put away over the winter.  At one time, aboveground pools were considered less desirable, but modern aboveground pool designs are greatly improved in durability, appearance, and performance compared to the aboveground pools of yesteryear.  The structural systems of aboveground pools have been redesigned so that they can take less space in a small yard.  Their vinyl liners are now stronger, and they look similar to those of inground vinyl pools.

Aboveground pools are manufactured in various styles, and they are available in round, rectangular, and oval shapes.  Kiddie pools are usually small and shallow, while larger size pools may range up to about 4 to 4 1/2 feet deep.  The vinyl liners are generally supported by walls made of a resin material, steel, or even aluminum.

pool decking construction The most obvious advantages of aboveground pools, compared to their inground pool cousins, are speed of installation and lower cost.  These pools essentially come in boxes.  Preparation work for installing aboveground pools is mainly finding a firm, level spot on your property.  The area should be free from roots, rocks, and any other items that could puncture the pool liner.  Sand is often installed within the bottom of the pool area to help settle and protect the liner.  Some aboveground pools require space around their sides for wall bracing and support purposes.  Pumps and filters are needed to keep the water clean and healthy, and these often come as a package.

Most aboveground pool owners install some type of deck system next to the pool; some even install decks large enough to surround the pool or large enough to support outdoor furniture.  Landscaping further blends the aboveground pool into the yard area.

aboveground pool ladder A locking gate is generally required to prevent unauthorized access to the pool and to prevent young children from entering unsupervised.  Because an aboveground pool is up off the ground, it is rather unlikely that someone will accidentally walk into it.

Aboveground pools may also be inflatable and temporary.  The sidewalls on these pools are filled with air to hold them up, and they are then filled with water.  An aboveground pool may be a good choice for a renter and, because of its temporary nature, it is not assessed as taxable property like more permanent installations.

If you intend to leave a pool in place for any length of time, consider a small pump and filter to clean the water.  Furthermore, aboveground pools should be covered when not in use to keep them free of debris.

swimming pool water surface
Swimming Pool Water Surface

Aboveground Pool Resources

  • Sentry Pool manufactures custom-designed commercial and residential swimming pools.
  • Splash Superpools manufactures steel aboveground pools and inground pools.

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